Manual Robotics

Enjoyed playing remote-controlled cars in your childhood? Well, now is the time to build your own! Yeah, IEEE Student Branch of DA-IICT is here with its first Robotics workshop of the year. Manual Robotics, as the name says is a branch of Robotics where the bots require human intercession for its control. Manual Robot is a remote control robot which works & moves on the instruction of human with the help of a wired remote.
With the aim of teaching you to build a bot from its basic components and its working to an exhilarating race between the teams, we warmly invite you to the Manual Robotics Workshop. It will be an event full of learning, excitement, hands-on practising and fun!


9th September 2019

Rs. 250(for non-IEEE members)
Rs. 200(for IEEE members)

Frontend using Angular and APIs mangement using Firestore

We invite all of you to this workshop on Web Designing where you will inculcate the following skills:
•Frontend Development using Angular JS
•Database Management using Firestore APIs

Have a fully working e-commerce website's framework in your hands by the end!!

We are glad to invite Mr Jinal Shah(Microsoft Most Valuable Person), a cloud-based SAAS Developer with expertise in creating Service Oriented Architecture and RESTful API as the speaker for the workshop. Note: It is recommended that participants should know the basics of JavaScript. In case, if you don't know anything, it is absolutely fine. The speaker will teach you and there will be mentors to guide you. Apart from that, we will give some tutorial links in advance so that you can learn something or you can refer to.

Participants will be given certificates.

Quickly register via below link:

Mini Auditorium (CEP 102), DA-IICT

21-22 September 2019
10 A.M. to 5 P.M, on both days

Rs. 250(for IEEE members)
Rs. 300(for Non-IEEE members)