Pave your way through websites towards exciting prizes by disentangling the tricky questions on each site.

General Rules

  • There will be 3 rounds in the event.
  • All questions will be of interesting puzzle type.
  • You will be given some space in the box to type out the answers and then you will have to type out the hints provided from answers into the link of the website in order to move to the next question. A quick demonstration of the same will be shown to you before the event.
  • Time duration of round 1 and round 2 will be 30 minutes.
  • Time duration of round 3 will be 40 minutes.
  • Difficulty of questions will be increased from round 1 to round 3.
  • Only the eligible candidates after the first round will be able to attempt the second round and the same goes for the final round after the second round.
  • Questions will be unidirectional.

Prizes Worth: 3K