Sandeep Jain

Founder & CEO at GeeksforGeeks

GeekforGeeks has been a name not just known but worshipped by the whole student community in the tech field.

Meet Mr Sandeep Jain - whose brainchild GeekforGeeks has been an extremely useful and reliable platform for not just coders but technically the whole student community. His honourable motive of providing knowledge free of cost and inspiring students to learn has made him an inspiration.

Ashris Choudhury

Founder & Creator at India In Pixels

Besides being a software engineer and having been associated with companies like BharatPe and HeadsUp, Ashris has a burning passion for the field of design and architecture.

This passion along with his fantastic research skills has paved the way for him to create India in Pixels.

India in Pixels is a data visualization content platform focusing on presenting data about India in attractive data visualizations and is a family of more than 300K people.