Does the art of persuading people into buying things come to you naturally? Show us your selling skills at SellOut, you'll be given a specific item/service to sell and develop a persuading sales talk for the same.

Round 0: Questionnaire Round

  • To advance, the contestants must respond to a questionnaire. A google form would be the medium.
  • The DCEI Team would be evaluating the responses.

Round 1: Problem Based Round

  • Teams of five will be formed from the round 0 shortlisted candidates.
  • In a 1 v 1 format, the six teams will compete against the other six teams.
  • Each team will get five minutes to present their idea.
  • The same challenge will need to be solved by each pair of teams. The more profitable option will prevail in the debate.
  • Following a knockout format, round 2 will have participation from 6 teams.

Round 2: Product-Based Round

  • The teams would receive a list of products the day before 1st round.
  • If the squad truly believes they will prevail in the opening round. They may get ready for the next round.
  • For this round, the teams must devise a plan to pitch their product to the judges.
  • They might create a product advertisement.
  • Each team will have five minutes to pitch its product.
  • Judging Criteria: Presentation/Delivery, Creativity, Persuasion skills.

Round 3: Field Based Round

  • For this round, one team—five chosen competitors—will compete separately.
  • This round is motivated by Shark Tank.
  • A reference list of fields (such as fintech, edtech, etc.) one day before the second round begins (before 1st round).
  • They will need to develop a start-up in the industry they select.
  • Each person will get two minutes to pitch their business idea and three minutes to complete the questionnaire.
  • Judging Criteria: Presentation/Delivery, Creativity, Pitching Skills

Prizes Worth: 10K